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Establishing a conceptual model and understanding optimization

Sometimes the conceptual model is not a model of a health behavior per se, but a model of maintaining treatment fidelity, promoting adherence or compliance, or the like. The conceptual model is explained in more detail in Chapter 2 of Collins (2018). For an example, see Gwadz et al. (2017).

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Informal introduction to factorial experimental designs

The purpose of this page is to clarify some concepts, notation, and terminology related to factorial experimental designs, and to compare and contrast factorial experiments to randomized controlled trials (RCTs). A more in-depth introduction can be found in Chapter 3 of Collins (2018).

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OK, I took your advice and read the preface and first chapter of Collins (2018). Do I now know enough to write a successful grant proposal based on MOST?

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Everything I have read about MOST, and all the presentations I have seen, treat the three phases as if they are all essential. Yet, I wonder whether it is always necessary to conduct an evaluation trial.

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Can I expect reviewers of grant proposals to understand MOST? If not, how should I handle this in the application? There is not enough room to provide a lot of background.

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