Mar 22, 2023  |  1pm – 2pm EST

Optimizing an Evidence-Based, Disseminable, Free Internet-Based Parenting Program

Dr. Michael Lorber, from the Family Translational Research Group at NYU, will present on his NICHD funded optimization study.

Apr 5, 2023  |  1pm – 2pm EST

From pilot to full trial: Strategies for conducting and managing a factorial study

Dr. J. Nick Dionne-Odom, Assistant Professor of Nursing at University of Alabama Birmingham, will present on strategies for conducting and managing a factorial optimization trial. Lessons are drawn from Dr. Dionne-Odom’s NCI funded project using MOST.

May 3, 2023   |  1pm – 2pm EST

The doctor is in!

Drs. Linda Collins (Director) and Kate Guastaferro (Associate Director) will answer any of your burning intervention optimization questions!

Feb 1, 2023 | 1pm – 2pm EST (This Event Has Passed)

Introduction to MOST & cadio

Drs. Linda Collins (Director) and Kate Guastaferro (Associate Director) will give a brief overview of MOST and introduce the cadio webinar series for Spring 2023

Feb 15, 2023  |  1pm – 2pm EST (This Event Has Passed)

Mediation analysis on data from a factorial experiment

Dr. Jillian Strayhorn, postdoctoral associate at cadio, will present.

Mar 1, 2023  |  1pm – 2pm EST (This Event Has Passed)

Fighting COVID-19 using MOST: A factorial experiment to increase regular COVID testing among unvaccinated Black and Latino essential frontline workers

Dr. Marya Gwadz, Professor of Social Work at NYU, will present on a current and ongoing intervention optimization project.

Further Learning

Whether you are looking for additional support as you prepare a grant proposal involving MOST or practical information helpful in managing your optimization trial, this section provides resources for a deeper dive into intervention optimization.

REDCap with Most

The goal of this manual is to show how one might setup a REDCap project to support a research study with multiple conditions, such as factorial experiments common in the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST) framework.

Informal introduction to factorial experimental designs

The purpose of this page is to clarify some concepts, notation, and terminology related to factorial experimental designs, and to compare and contrast factorial experiments to randomized controlled trials (RCTs). A more in-depth introduction can...


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