CADIO offers a limited amount of free consultation to any investigator interested in submitting a grant proposal focused on MOST. Before applying for consultation, please carefully review the information on this page to determine that consultation is an appropriate next step.

1. The contact investigator must be present at every consulting session. This is to ensure continuity and an efficient process.
2. The more training the investigators on a team have in intervention optimization, the more productive the consulting sessions will be. We are happy to work with you to identify training opportunities for members of your team.
3. If you would like one of us to agree to join your team as an investigator or consultant, feel free to ask, but also please understand that we may have to decline due to other commitments, and we cannot accommodate last-minute requests. Again, we are happy to work with you to identify training opportunities for members of your team.
4. We are currently not able to review a draft proposal or manuscript in advance.
5. Our available time is limited, and so we regret that we cannot offer consulting on matters that do not directly pertain to intervention optimization. We will try to steer you to other resources if we can.
6. A session canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be counted toward your hours.
7. Each session is 50 minutes long.
8. One or more of our trainees may be present at a consulting session, or may take the lead on offering consultation with a supervisor present. Thank you for helping us to train the next generation of experts on intervention optimization.


CADIO consulting sessions are intended to move MOST-specific projects forward by preparing the contact investigator to submit a proposal. As such, to make the sessions more productive, the contact investigator, or another senior member of their team, should already have acquired some background in intervention optimization prior to applying for consultation. This includes:

  • attendance at one of CADIO’s synchronous virtual trainings, OR
  • completion of our online course on the Coursera platform, OR
  • attendance at one of our in-person 2015-2018 trainings

Attendance at a conference or other presentation may be considered, but you might be asked to complete one of our trainings or courses before moving forward with the consultation.


We encourage those interested in consultation to submit their application at least 8 weeks in advance of their submission deadline. Requests with a shorter turnaround time are subject to team-member availability and are not guaranteed.

Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis – applicants should factor this and any relevant holiday closures into their deadline. You will be contacted within a week to schedule your initial session.


Free (for the first three 50-minute sessions. If additional sessions are needed, speak with your assigned consultant about their capacity and conditions for continuing.)

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