Lingzi Luo

Doctoral student, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Affiliation(s): School of Global Public Health, New York University

Degree(s): BS in Psychology (Wuhan University, China); MSW/MPH (Washington University in St. Louis)

Research Interests: intervention optimization; implementation science; health equity; integrated health; digital health

Lingzi Luo is an intervention scientist and a second-year doctoral student at the School of Global Public Health, New York University. Her research interests are broadly in leveraging intervention optimization and implementation science methods to improve routine social and health services for vulnerable populations, especially those with chronic illnesses or mental health challenges. During her graduate training, she had practice exposure in diverse settings such as community mental health center, psychiatric inpatient unit, non-profit organization, local government, and the World Health Organization headquarters. Prior to joining NYU, she worked for several years at Washington University School of Medicine on a national implementation science consortium to improve care for patients with sickle cell disease.


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