Michael F. Lorber

Senior Research Scientist, Cariology and Comprehensive Care

Affiliation(s): College of Dentistry, New York University

Degree(s): 1997, B.S. in Psychology (University of Washington); 2000, M.A. in Psychology (Stony Brook University); 2004, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Quantitative Minor (Stony Brook University)

Research Interests: Externalizing behaviors; aggression; parenting; discipline; cognition; emotion; psychophysiology; physical health; couples; development; etiology; prevention; universal intervention; research methodology; infancy; adolescence; adulthood.

The parts of my work tied most closely to intervention science are, (1) the development of universal intervention strategies to promote healthy parenting practices, and (2) the pursuit of a more refined understanding of the development of aggression in [a] infancy/toddlerhood and [b] adolescent couples, on which more effective preventive interventions can be built.

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